Get Actionable Insights from Users' Searches

Get actionable insights from users' searches to optimize your merchandising strategy

Does this sound familiar...?

A eCommerce Merchandiser

Who struggles to understand how, why, and when users search online?

A Data Analyst

Who spends hours creating new metrics with multiple datasets to get useful insights?

A eCommerce Product Manager

Who looks for an in-depth understanding of a shopper’s search behavior?

A Retail Buyer

Who is looking for new methods to make procurement decisions and manage the supply chain

Well, this is how we can help!

Empower merchandisers to become citizen data scientists with in-depth user search behavior data

  • Identify under-performing search terms and tune them accordingly

  • Understand how shoppers interact with search results

  • Get insights to inform promotions and ROI strategy

  • Monitor your site search KPIs and track under-performing terms

Search Analytics APIs allow analysts to access pre-aggregated data on shoppers’ searches

  • Get access to dozens of pre-calculated metrics from every search term on your site

  • Plug datasets into visualization tools of your choice

  • Easy access to different datasets through user-friendly APIs

  • Liaison with cross-functional teams to improve underperforming terms

View your cloud platform usage by tracking API usage, response times and errors

  • Keep your expenses on track by monitoring your monthly queries per second

  • Report any overages internally and avoid miscommunication around projected costs and actual monthly bills

Collect data straight away with an easy-to-implement tracking code

  • Avoid losing valuable user performance data due to improperly set trackers

  • Intuitive JavaScript tracker that logs all key shopper events

  • Get individual-level insights without sending personal data

  • Keep on top of your data quality with a health check tool

Save hours spent on drawing insights from analytics tools

  • Report on the following metrics across the site:

    1. Search volumes

    2. Search Clickthrough rates

    3. Search refinements

    4. Search Origins

    5. Null searches

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