Enriched Navigation & Search-Ready Data

GroupBy Enrich removes the challenges of incomplete and non-normalized data. Better data results in better findability!

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An eCommerce Merchandiser

Who struggles with unstructured, non-normalized, and inconsistent product data

A Data Analyst

Who wants to better understand shopper navigation & search behaviour

An eCommerce Product Manager

Who is working on large projects but unstructured data keeps getting in the way

Well, this is how we can help!

Reduce hidden inventory and boost navigation engagement

  • Improve search performance and relevancy

  • Uncover miscategorized and misclassified products

Improve search performance and relevancy

  • Align shopper vocabulary to product records through attribution and tagging

  • Strategically reduce null-searches and improve low-converting terms

Normalized & consistent product data

  • Eliminate & normalize redundant values

  • Fill in gaps for attributes that show relatively low coverage

Define attribution strategy for current and future product catalogs

  • Use our library of industry-standard terms and vocabulary to streamline product data

  • Define custom guidelines for brand-specific products specifically relevant to your data

  • Ensure that the products you create are consistently & correctly represented on retailers’ sites

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