Bring home the in-store experience

Best-in-class machine learning technology with high quality enriched product data, GroupBy is able to address many of the challenges unique to online grocery.

Complexities of Groceries E-commerce

Product Relevance

Delivering the most relevant products are returned when shoppers search on your site

Time-Saving Shopping Experience

Quick product discovery and seamless checkout that enables higher conversions

Transparent Product Information

Detailed product information that makes buying decision easier and delivers a sticky brand experience

Personalized Recommendations

Complementing product based a shopper’s past purchases and online browsing behavior

Top Capabilities of GroupBy Search for Grocery:

A site search experience that takes into account regional taste preferences and unique dietary needs

Product recommendations supported by users’ restrictions, cultural tastes, and demographic needs

High-quality data enrichment ensures that users find the most relevant products suited to their needs

Customizable content experiences with cross collection search and updated inventory information for large product catalogs at scale

Frictionless path-to-purchase allowing shoppers to build a shopping cart around a specific recipe with a single click

Product bundles, personalized recommendations, and data enriched catalogs built to drive repeat purchases

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