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Complexities of Health and Beauty E-commerce

Complex buying patterns of more cautious shoppers

A merchandiser needs to understand your shoppers’ consumption patterns in health products. Shoppers in this segment tend to be more aware and cautious of what they buy

Maintaining profit and loss across brands and categories

A category manager is tasked P&L of different product lines and needs to make procurement decisions

Online catalogs with robust product data

Detailed product information is critical in this segment to build trust with a shopper. Thus, a product manager is responsible to deliver a smooth, searchable experience that makes it easy to convert a shopper

Top Capabilities of GroupBy Search for Grocery:

A search experience that takes into account a user’s profile - gender, age, medical needs, etc.

Product recommendations based on demographic and regional preferences

High-quality data enrichment ensures that users find the most relevant products suited to their needs

Customizable content experiences with cross collection search and updated inventory information

Past purchase information powers features as quick reordering

Effortless implementation of GroupBy Search APIs enables integration to your existing tech stacks

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