Improved Search As You Type
Amanda Allen
Search As You Type (SAYT) is our product that allows you to search as you are typing, meaning, we are returning results at each keystroke, often configured in as little as three keystrokes.  We can return both common searched for words, categories or even products while you are typing.  Recently, to improve the experience we made made some improvements to our SAYT product to improve our search term suggestions.

Plural Search Terms

We have enhanced our ability to handle plural search terms and return singular search suggestions. For example, a plural search for ‘shirts’ will now return search results such as:
  1. Dress Shirt
  2. Polo Shirt
  3. Flannel Shirt
  4. Shirt Dress
We can see that we get back unpluralized suggestions for the pluralized search on ‘shirts’.

Partial Matching

We have also improved our ability to match partial search terms (common for search as you type). We have new flexibility to return search suggestions that aren’t an exact match for the partial search term (assuming no better exact matches exist). For example, a partial search term on ‘flas’ will return:
  1. Flash drive
  2. Flashlight
  3. Flat screwdriver
  4. Fleece sweater
‘Flat screwdriver’ and ‘Fleece sweater’ will now return as search suggestions where before they would not have come back. These enhancements are included in our core search and do not require any configuration changes on your site. For more information on SAYT, please see our documentation on the topic here.