Internet Retailer: A Maker of Scientific Teaching Aids Goes to School on Site Search
Mark Stibbe

3B Scientific, a global supplier of anatomical and biological teaching aids, makes its products easier to find by upgrading its 14 multilingual e-commerce sites with fast partial word search.

 3B Scientific is making it easier for customers to find particular products among its inventory of 111,600 anatomical and biological teaching aids. A recent technology upgrade enables the global manufacturer to provide advanced site search, including partial keywords, in multiple languages across its 14 e-commerce sites.
3B’s products include models of human hearts and skeletons, anatomical charts and posters for medical practitioners’ offices, and supplies for professionals involved in biology, physics and physical therapy. It also sells other health-related products and software.
About 30% of 3B Scientific’s direct sales come through its e-commerce sites, says Miles Sprott, director of global sales and marketing. The rest are through EDI transactions with hospitals, physician offices, teaching institutions, and distributors of educational and medical supplies. Sprott declines to disclose total or online annual sales.
The 69-year-old company has been selling online for nearly 20 years, (Read More)