Preparedness for the Holidays:
Amanda Allen
The holiday time is typically a stressful time of year for just about everyone, with an extra layer or two of stress if you are an online retailer. We understand and are fully committed and putting in extra effort to ease some of the stress. We at GroupBy employ multiple strategies to ensure our services are up when you need them most. We ensure our platform can keep up with your increased demand during this crucial time by focusing on these items:
  • Stability and Speed: Over the past few months we have been working to improve our infrastructure and architecture to handle greater throughput with higher stability and speed
  • Code Changes: We freeze our code around November 15th; this is a big change for us as we employ continuous delivery and thus we are often pushing to production a few times a day.  We will release only critical patches until volumes subside
  • Capacity: We are increasing infrastructure to handle the spikes; we will add a large amount of capacity in anticipation of the volumes and will also monitor and scale up in real-time if a large spike is observed
In addition to the above, we also employ a caching layer that helps to ensure that we are delivering results, fast!  The cache reduces 95th percentile latency from 200ms to less than 50ms. Finally, we will staff to have all hands on deck in our site reliability engineering and support teams to monitor our systems and traffic.  Any outages will be communicated through our status page ( as soon as they are identified.