AI-Driven Recommendations to Help Shoppers Discover Products

Engage with shoppers and drive higher conversions with personalized, AI-driven recommendations

Does this sound familiar...?

An eCommerce Merchandiser

Who wants to create personalized recommendations for a shopper in order to increase buying

A Developer

Who wants full control over your site, and doesn’t want to be restricted by third-party JavaScript widgets

An eCommerce Business Owner

Who struggles to deliver an engaging and returning experience for shoppers, and compete with global marketplaces?

Well, this is how we can help!

Drive higher conversions and site ROI with relevant product recommendations

  • Help shoppers find what they are looking for by recommending similar products, increasing your conversion rate

  • Enhance the customer experience by recommending complementary products, increasing average order value

  • Understand your shoppers' tastes and preferences to recommend products that they may be interested in, increasing customer lifetime value

Create an engaging shopping experience that keeps customers returning

  • Personalized recommendations based on the shopper’s search history

  • Contextually relevant recommendations based on a variety of inputs including a shopper’s past purchases, browsing history, and the shopping patterns of your shoppers

Create a balance between human experience and smart machine learning

  • Empower merchandisers to drive a powerful site experience

  • Merchandisers can rely less on their own data scientists and more on the engine for recommendation support

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