Helping B2B Retailers Improve CX and Drive Higher Conversions

Powerful search capability and data enrichment to drive a seamless, sales experience for your B2B business

Does this sound familiar...?

A B2B eCommerce Merchandiser

Who wants to deliver a sophisticated online experience to your customers

An Account Executive

Who spends a lot of time on contracts negotiations with customers

An eCommerce Product Manager

Who looks for an in-depth understanding of a customer’s preferences

A Retail Buyer

Who is looking for new methods to make procurement decisions and manage the B2B supply chain

Well, this is how we can help!

Fast track orders for your buyers and boost sales

  • Enable buyers to find products by entering SKUs or just the product names

  • GroupBy’s “Semantish” processes common language user queries and returns even conversational terms with the most relevant searches

  • Part number search, dimensional part number search, wild card search, and partial matching reduces null search results drastically

Powerful shopping experience customized for a wide range of buyers

  • Create custom catalogs and price lists for different customer groups

  • Augment product discovery with smart, machine learning-driven site-search and data enrichment

  • Drive loyalty with smart personalization, easy navigations, and recommendations that helps increase in average customer lifetime value

Headless experience with headache-less integration across channels

  • Empower customers to buy on-the-go with fast loading, mobile-optimized experiences

  • Allows seamless integration with ERP, OMS, CRM, etc. via robust APIs

Scalable data-enrichment for large catalogs

  • GroupBy Enrich enables you to utilize strategic product classification and product typing at scale

  • Employ a clean, targeted product bucket hierarchy to drive higher search relevancy for different customer groups

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