Powerful and Relevant Site Search for eCommerce

Deeply engage your shoppers with a powerful search experience enhanced by rich product data

Does this sound familiar...?

An Online Retailer

Who is struggling to scale your fast-growing eCommerce business

An eCommerce Merchandiser

Who is unaware of how accurate the search results are on your site

A Product Owner

Who is tasked with driving higher conversion rates on your products

Executive Leadership

Who is concerned about data security, site speed, vendor management, and brand growth

Well, this is how we can help!

Headless Search APIs for seamless integration

  • Search API that can be easily integrated into your headless eCommerce suite to enable a rich search experience for shoppers

  • Works smoothly with popular eCommerce platforms such as Salesforce, Magento, Websphere, Hybris, ATG, and others

Drive a powerful, personalized shopping experience with Personalized Search

  • Search results are intelligently influenced by a shopper’s search behavior increasing their conversion probability

  • Unique ability to apply crowd-sourced intelligence (conversion/click boost) to make personalized search more engaging

Conversational commerce support with Semantish

  • Utilize Semantish to reduce shopper churn by ensuring that human language searches are transformed into machine-friendly queries

  • Semantish is a powerful tool in situations where:

    1. A shopper uses multiple terms incomprehensible by a typical text-matching search engine

    2. A shopper uses voice tools like Siri to make a conversational search query with terms that wouldn’t be relevant in a standard search context

Predictive autocomplete service with Search As You Type (SAYT)

  • Accelerate conversions by enabling shoppers to find products faster with SAYT

  • Augment shoppers’ intent with smart search suggestions in their own language

  • Search suggestions, trending keywords, and recommended navigations facilitate an easy, intuitive search experience

Drive higher conversions and deeper shopper engagement with Search Recommendations

  • Enhance a shopper’s journey with product recommendations driven by their actions on the site

  • Recommendations suite can be used to display:

    1. Trending products

    2. Popular search terms

    3. Alternative searches when no results were found

    4. Products commonly bought with a product that is selected to increase cart size

Balance ML-powered Search results with human expertise on the Merchandiser Controls Platform

Merchandisers can utilize a full suite of optimization tools that include:

  1. Rule management and ordering

  2. Match Strategy Control

  3. Navigation Control

  4. Visual Rule Builder

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