ShopTalk Recap Day 1: AI is More Intelligent Than it is Artificial!
Mark Stibbe

One of the greatest challenges facing eCommerce today is continually understanding each consumer and their individual interests and needs, now and in the future. And for as much as these tastes may change, merchandising decisions much be just as adaptable. Merchandising is no longer as simple as putting objects within the customer’s reach. Now, retailers must equally appreciate how the customer is interacting with these products within the “ecosystem” that is their eCommerce site and make adjustments from there. So, how can retailers make the decisions and changes in real time for each individual customer? AI (artificial intelligence) is the answer to this question. 

At it’s core, AI is far more intelligent than it is artificial. In fact, AI is the embodiment of humans and machines working together for the best possible outcome. In this case, a positive onsite experience which captures the essence of shopping at a physical store and provides easy, relevant access to the best, most relevant products. In turn, with each click and purchase a customer makes, AI relays this information back to the retailer in a way that best informs merchandising decisions. 

The future of eCommerce is headed towards embracing AI and all that is has to offer, both for the customer and the retailer. It is the foundation which assured that eCommerce sites remain flexible, reactive and relevant for years to come. When this happens, “ecosystems” shift alongside their shoppers, not against them, and merchandising decisions are never misses. 

To learn more about how GroupBy is leveraging artificial intelligence options for unparalleled results, stop by booth ET-35 in the Emerging Technology Zone (Aisle 1900-2000) at ShopTalk or send us a note!