ShopTalk Recap Day 2: Immerse Yourself in the Future of Commerce
Mark Stibbe

Just as eCommerce continues to affect traditional brick and mortar shopping, the rise of mobile shopping is changing how retailers should approach their eCommerce sites. Mobile shopping continuously changes what consumers are shopping for and how they’re searching for their desired items. Additionally, mobile shopping has reshaped how shoppers engage with eCommerce altogether. Search terms are becoming more colloquial and consumers are relying on online shopping for more of their day-to-day needs, not just specialty items. And just as this dependency expands, so do shopper expectations. 

Lucky for retailers, this rise in customer expectations is also and opportunity to drive personalization on an individualized scale, adapting shopper experience for each and every person who visits an eCommerce site while also being informed on future merchandising decisions. Because just as much as products must draw shoppers in, so must their presentations. And for every incredible presentation a retailer curates, they gain the opportunity to learn what customers respond to. 

This process is the only way to guarantee an engaging shopper journey that will attract customers time and time again. The increased prevalence of displays such as video product presentations and user generated content (UGC) are only two examples of how smart retailers are learning from mobile technologies and adapting their eCommerce site experience for this kind of engagement, while also executing successful immersive merchandising on a macro and micro scale. In this way, they are extending beyond both brick and mortar and traditional eCommerce, combining the best of both for the ultimate experience. 

For more insights on how GroupBy is reimagining how traditional shopping and eCommerce can work together for best results, stop by and chat with our team at ShopTalk in the Emerging Technologies zone, booth ET35 or contact us to set up a demo!