The Evolution from Compare Metrics to Edgecase
Mark Stibbe
For the past two years, the Compare Metrics team has been working relentlessly on a single goal — to get the retail industry to rethink the way consumers make purchasing decisions. This is a mission that started more than five years ago in my dorm room and has served as our blue flame since the company’s inception in 2012. I’ve always felt that the online search experience, as we know it today, needs to evolve. Over the past two years we’ve been diligently working with some of the world’s most innovative and thought-leading brands to help define precisely what that evolutionary path looks like. And what have we learned? Our research and results to-date have shown us that people want to “discover” things on their own, yet they also want to be inspired. They want to be in control of their digital experiences, whether they know exactly what they want or what they’re simply wanting to explore. They don’t want to be targeted “at” by retailers and brands; they’d rather target the ideal product themselves. For many of our merchants, this requires a paradigm shift in the way they think about their art and craft. Instead of limiting the number of options, digital merchandising must evolve to enable more degrees of expression and relevancy. In conjunction with our retail innovation partners, we realized that our platform and approach also had to evolve. Our original product was formed from a thesis of criteria discovery and comparison, which aligned well with the original name, Compare Metrics. However, we’ve learned that our product and value is much bigger than our name. We’re improving everything from merchandising breadth and effectiveness to in-store purchasing. The latest release of our Adaptive Experience Platform does more than let shoppers compare products, it let’s them discover using “my words”, navigate according to their own tendencies, and confidently choose products based on what they care most about. So, we went back to the drawing board to develop a name that better suited “who” we are and the vision we hope to deliver to our customers. Today, I am honored to announce the launch of our new platform, the Adaptive Experience Platform, along with a brand new name — Edgecase. Why Edgecase? An edge case represents the most unique and hardest scenario a business or technology must support. Accommodating the edge case is hard and often simply a stretch goal; however, the reality is that every person — including every one of our clients’ customers — is an edge case. Each of us has our own context, language and way of thinking about a need and making a decision. We are not a segment or an algorithm, and automating our online shopping experiences will only get businesses so far. At Edgecase, we believe in building solutions that empower our clients to embrace the edge case…every one of their customers. This is an exciting turning point in our company’s history and marks what we see as a transformative point in the evolution of digital commerce as a whole. We look forward to continuing working with the world’s most innovative brands as we charge ahead together.