The Power of Great Product Data
Mark Stibbe
For as important as it is retailers continuously collect behavioral data from their shoppers, it is also key their product data is just as rich and functional. Lack of physical contact is perhaps the greatest pitfall of the eCommerce experience. No matter how tirelessly the retailer works to put the perfect item within the customer’s click, product and person are still separated by a screen. There can be no touching. No feeling. No trying on. Therefore, product descriptions are the only opportunity to take each item from a 2D image to something almost tangible. For the purposes of this blog, Customer X is searching for the perfect pair of shoes for their upcoming camping excursion. With nearly endless options at their fingertips, how does the retailer ensure their products are findable, appealing, and, ultimately, purchased by X? Here at GroupBy we’ve seen the difference great product data can make time and time again, serving a multitude of purposes and improving the overall shopper journey. This data—these product descriptions—should both inform and entice the customer. Sounds simple enough, but this data must be so much more than baseline bullet points: style, size, height, material, weight, etc. While this information is necessary, in the right hands product data is nuanced and stylish, expertly tailored to reflect the retailer’s professional personality and subtly setting the mood of the shopper experience. Customer X wants to read about how the hiking boots they’re browsing have a classic look and were built to support any arch no matter the elements. Data like this, in unison with proper classifications increases conversion rates, decreases returns and bolsters customer loyalty. So, how does GroupBy do all this—taking retailers’ product data to the next level? Each of our clients bring hundred, thousands and hundreds of thousands of new products to the table. Each of these products already have some affixed data. Now it’s our job to search out the gaps in this data and deploy strategies to fill them, resulting in proper classifications, increased product findability and more relevant search results. In order to achieve this—taking good product data to greatness—we combine the very best of manual curation with cutting edge machine learning technology. Manual curation assures that a human being looks at Customer X’s shoe and classifies it appropriately. From here, our suite of microservices can deploy rules which will integrate product data into our constantly evolving global taxonomy; a collective schema which learns and grows from each integrated data set. Now the boot’s data is being informed by the data of our entire global. These results—the strengths and weaknesses of the data—are relayed back to our client so that they may adjust their descriptions and data to most effectively sell Customer X a boot he will be satisfied with and excited for. Click here to learn more about utilizing the power of this data.