This Spring, Make the Most of Your Product Data
Mark Stibbe
Spring has nearly sprung, and there’s no better time than now for retailers to make sure they’re ready for the next shopping season. One way to do this is via one of the oldest tricks in the book: a thorough spring cleaning. It’s the time of the year when we all take stock of what we have and how we organize it, as well as what can be improved and what may need to be tossed. Product data can benefit from a similar approach. Just like attics and closets get messy over time, eCommerce spaces can become cluttered by a constant, natural influx of data. But not to worry, this is nothing that can’t be solved by a little product data maintenance i.e. spring cleaning. As product selection expands with the progress of any eCommerce site, more data comes with it. Data that is often added onto or adjusted for best site search experience and SEO. But when this is the case, it’s equally important to be mindful that an excess of fresh data, and/or older data, doesn’t begin to essentially “pile up” and negatively affect product findability, search navigation and other factors along the shopper journey. Instead, as an eCommerce site expands, so too must the sophistication of product descriptions and product tagging. Retailers must make strides to describe and tag products more accurately and with more detail than ever before, while also keeping this data clean and tidy. The key lies is keeping product data within reach, manageable, adaptable and well-organized at all times by establishing and maintaining practices as satisfying and beneficial as any other form of spring cleaning. Product data must be easily modifiable for real time results that account for shopper trends, preferences, microseasons and countless other variables.   With the proper tools to carry out these practices, all product data becomes the very best that it can be, fulfilling its vast, often untapped, potential. Consequently, executing individualization strategies like product recommendations, purchase memory, and other facets of cutting edge eCommerce couldn’t be simpler, ensuring a more convenient and engaging shopper experience within the retailer’s control. Learn more about how GroupBy puts product data, and much more, within retailer control, here.