Valentine’s Day: Millennial Microseason of the Year?
Mark Stibbe
Valentine’s Day has always been a highly grossing retail holiday, and every year more shoppers turn to eCommerce to find those special somethings for their special someones. With countless products only a click away, this journey should be simple, and more importantly, fun. Microseasons like Valentine’s Day are all about capturing the essence of the holiday or celebration, and it’s the retailer’s job to translate this into a unique experience for shoppers. Valentine’s Day, in particular, is the perfect opportunity to do just this. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day inspires images of things like chocolate covered strawberries, teddy bears and flower arrangements. The works. And while oldie-goldies like the quintessential box of chocolates will likely never go out of style, as more millennials flood eCommerce markets with their business, the essence of Valentine’s Day is expanding. For example, this day has recently become a widespread celebration of #selflove as much as, if not more than, romantic love. Millennial shoppers are approximately fifty percent single and one hundred percent  #selfcare obsessed, and are just as likely to treat themselves as they are a loved one. Hashtags like #galentinesday, #palentinesday and #treatyoself are only a few of those booming across social media as people make this holiday their own. And lucky for retailers, they can also be the key to enticing shoppers. Whether the individual is shopping for a spouse, partner, or friend, or looking for something to make themselves feel great, this strategy ensures an incredible selection of relevant products, during microseasons and year round. Millennials are the hashtaggers of all hashtaggers, leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs wherever they go. Here at GroupBy, we follow this trail to the source, identifying what these they’re looking for and how they’re searching. With this information, we can effectively tag retailers’ products for each microseason and with every shopper in mind. In doing so, these individuals are always exposed to an incredible selection of attractive products, regardless of when they’re searching. Because while holidays like Valentine’s Day are wonderful, it is just as important to take advantage of any and all other microseasons. For example, products like essential oils, tagged for ‘health and wellness’ should be adjusted for ‘Valentine's Day’, as well as other microseasons like ‘allergy season’ or ‘cold and flu’. GroupBy’s Edgecase Enrich makes this a reality, guaranteeing products remain relevant, findable and attractive no matter what. With cutting-edge machine learning technology, Enrich tags products and makes adjustments like these ten times faster than ever before. This speed and unbeatable intelligence ensure maximum product findability and incredible shopping experiences, during and outside of microseasons like Valentine’s day, without hassle to the retailer. Additionally, GroupBy’s unlimited product tagging means capturing the essence of each microseason is not only fast and uncomplicated, it is totally flexible. Products tagged for standard qualities like ‘decor’, ‘beauty’, ‘entertainment’, etc. can now be tagged for additional, widely used search terms respective to the microseason, like ‘Valentine’s Day’ or ‘self love’. These same products can then just as easily be retagged for ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘new year new you’ and/or a plethora of other microseasons. When this data enrichment is smart, fast and continuous, retailers become their customers’ one-stop shops for much more than Valentine’s day.   The time to commit to enriched product data, mindful of microseasons and the potential they possess, is now. Millennial shoppers rely on eCommerce to satisfy a massive portion of their needs and wants, and never more so than on days like February 14th. With GroupBy’s Edgecase Enrich, understanding and adapting to their continued presence in the eCommerce market is effortless and extremely advantageous for the modern retailer. When this commitment is made, microseasons like today will never be wasted.