Webinar: The Next Generation B2B User Experience - Don't Get Left Behind!
Mark Stibbe
B2B eCommerce is fundamentally different than B2C in many ways. To date, the industry has been forced to adapt B2C search and navigation services to try to meet their needs. These solutions are lacking in many ways, and have not been designed from the ground up to accommodate the size, complexity and speed needed to create the next generation B2B Experience. GroupBy is revolutionizing B2B eCommerce Search. We are pleased to announce the launch of GroupBy B2B, the patent pending technology that is custom designed to address the unique needs of the B2B eCommerce market. In our first B2B webinar we will be demonstrating: - How GroupBy B2B indexes and streams data into the system - How GroupBy B2B addresses pricing and custom catalogue challenges - Personalization of B2B Catalogs - GroupBy’s Command Center Merchandising Console - The final user experience from the customer’s point of view. Solutions that have previously lead the way in eCommerce search such as, Endeca, Fast Search, and Autonomy are now obsolete and are being replaced with more modern born-in-the-cloud systems. While born-in-the-cloud e-commerce systems are easier to deploy, they are not innovating at a pace that outperforms legacy, on-premise or home-grown systems. They have not addressed the pricing and custom catalogue challenges at an engine level, nor are they able to deal with units of measure, part number searches and personalization needs of B2B catalogues. Join us on Wednesday, November 29th at 1 PM CT, as we demonstrate the next advancement in the B2B user experience, GroupBy B2B.